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Hey Everyone!
Thanks for finding me! :)
Here's the intake process.

I work by appointment only. The booking buttons below are your way into the shop. Just click on the button and choose a time and date. However, this is very important! When you fill out the customer intake form, you’ll see an "Appointment Notes (optional)" box below where your name, email, and phone number go. It's not optional, however 😊. You must provide the make and model of your guitar and the nature of the repair you are seeking. I won't approve the appointment if you don't provide this info. 

If you have a question about your guitar, I need to see your instrument on my bench to give you an answer. I refrain from quoting jobs, "ballpark" or otherwise, without inspecting the instrument first, as there are many variables to consider. 

If you have a question about the jobs I perform, or pricing, or whether I work on a particular instrument, look for the answer below in the FAQ's.

I have implemented some common-sense social distancing protocols.I don't want COVID, the flu, or anything else if I can avoid it :)

If you are sick with a cold or another malady, by all means, don't keep your appointment. Let me know, and I'll reschedule your appointment at the earliest reasonable time. 

Guitar Strings

Fretking Inc.

Guitar repair in Cary, NC
Mark A. Kane, Luthier
By appointment only


Taylor Warranty Service

My shop is a Gold Level Taylor Guitar Repair Center. For warranty service on your guitar, you must be the original owner and it must be registered with the factory. Please make sure it's registered before you book an appointment for service.  

For Taylor, go to or call Taylor Customer Service at 800-943-6782.


Here's some information regarding Taylor warranty work, and neck resets in particular. Taylor pays me directly for the actual labor of the neck reset only. To cover the cost of prepping your guitar (which most guitars need) for resetting the neck, there is a Shop Minimum Charge of $65. This includes but is not limited to adjustments to the truss rod, restringing, work at the nut and/or saddle etc. This does not include any setup work. If your guitar needs setup work after the neck is reset and you agree to move forward, the minimum charge of $65 is waived in lieu of the setup cost, typically $165 plus strings, parts, taxes, etc.   

UPGRADE your Taylor with the new ES2 Expression System

This upgrade includes the installation of the completely new ES2 Expression system, as well as a neck reset, and a new saddle! The Taylor Expression System® 2 (ES2) is a  revolutionary pickup design that delivers the latest in Taylor’s ongoing  innovation in acoustic guitar amplification.  To reiterate what a good deal this is, the price includes a new pickup and preamp, a new power supply (either 9  volt or AA, depending on the existing power supply in your guitar), a new saddle, and resetting of your neck to the factory spec.

Price: $350 plus strings & tax.

Things I don't do

1. Guitar refinishing
2. Mandolins, ukuleles, banjos
3. Dulcimer or violin work

4. Martin binding repairs

5. Bungee jumping

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Details, details.

Man Playing Guitar

These are basic repair costs without NC state sales tax added. Actual prices often vary depending on a number of factors that I will make you aware of at the time of repair.

This service is for those customers who need an instrument evaluated within a purchase return window, for example, a guitar bought online or one purchased locally on approval. This is a comprehensive inspection that covers every aspect of your instrument's condition both structurally and electronically. I record everything from the basic action measurements, fret wear, neck angle, cracks, and binding, to the condition of the components, finish, and bracing. I provide you with a written report of my findings. This service takes about 30 minutes and I do it while you wait. If you decide to proceed with any work I may recommend, I will apply the cost of the evaluation, $120, paid in advance. Text me at 919-210-2410 for availability for this service only, which may be limited based on the current backlog.
6-string acoustic, many electrics $165.
electrics w/neck pocket truss rod $175
double-locking (Floyd Rose) $175.
Evertune $185

12-string acoustic and electric $185.
Martin dovetail $750.
Martin tenon & bolt $600.
Taylor post-2001 $200.00
Taylor pre-2001 $550.
Collings $550.
FRET JOBS: includes all setup work, but does not include replacement of the nut if necessary. This is priced separately. 

Standard (nickel silver) refrets:

standard refret, bolt-on $525.00
standard refret, bolt-on, 
double-locking tremolo $545.00
standard refret, set-neck electric $550.00
standard refret, set-neck electric, double-locking tremolo $570.00

Stainless Steel refrets:
stainless steel refret, bolt-on electric $625.00
stainless steel refret, bolt-on electric w/ double-locking tremolo $645.00
stainless refret, set-neck electric $650.
refret, set-neck electric, double-locking tremolo $670.00
stainless refret, acoustic $650.

level and/or re-radius fingerboard $80.00-250.00

Compression refret (older Martins) $650.00
fret level, recrown & polish $135-250.
partial refrets by quote.

Most pickup installations and other standard work is billed at $2.00/minute. I'm very efficient and work by the minute to a bench timer.  You are billed only for the time I spend on your guitar, not coffee breaks or UPS deliveries!
Note: Much common electronic work runs between 20-45 minutes. More complex jobs (semi-hollow rewiring, active systems, etc.) often run 60-90 minutes.


Client 6

How much will it cost?
Refer to the Services listed. I won't know the full picture until I've had a chance to evaluate your guitar on my bench.
How long will it take to repair my guitar?
It  depends on the job as well as the workload of the shop but I can work around your schedule in many cases. Bear in mind, I don't rush any repair, as that only takes longer!

Do I have to leave my guitar, or can I drop it off when you have an opening?
I need you to leave your guitar. I work on a tight schedule based on my booking calendar.
Do you have loaner guitars?
I WISH I had a guitar collection that big, but then I'd have no room for anything else!

My Strat needs a refret. If I bring in just the neck, will that reduce the cost?
It's too important to me that you receive the very best refret possible and I can't guarantee that will happen if I don't have the whole guitar. It's not simply a matter of putting frets in a neck. To achieve the very best results, your neck absolutely must be evaluated under string tension before any work is done. To do anything else is selling yourself short. The reality is that someone like me, who does this every day, sees things with respect to the guitar's geometry that you don't. I can correct those things resulting in a much better outcome for you. My reputation is built on excellent work and I don't compromise on anything.

Do you offer expedited service?
If I have a slot available. The charge is 25% of labor.

When is the balance due?
Balances are due within two weeks of completion.

Can you store my guitar after the work is completed?
No. I have limited space. Instruments unpaid for and left over 30 days from the invoice date will be assessed a storage fee of $25/week and CASH becomes the only payment option. Instruments left over 90 days from the invoice date become the property of Fretking Inc.


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Text is best! 919-210-2410

101-D, Woodwinds Industrial Ct, Cary, NC 27511, USA

(919) 210-2410

Thanks for submitting!

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