Hey Everyone, the booking calendar for new work is closed temporarily. I expect to open it around early December. Of course, pickup slots for completed guitars are always available.

I'm fully operational and have implemented some common-sense social distancing protocols outlined below.

I will provide curbside service. When you arrive (I'll be on the lookout for you), bring your guitar to my door. I'll retrieve it, give you a claim check and get back to you with my findings or questions. Upon completion of my work, I'll provide curbside service for pickup, just like dropoff. You may pay via an online invoice I will text or email to you, or you may pay by cash at the shop and receive a 3.1% discount. Feel free to book an appointment below. If there are no openings for drop-off, check back in a few days as slots will open as I finish jobs.

Guitar Strings

Fretking Inc.

Guitar repair in Cary, NC
Mark A. Kane, Luthier
By appointment only


Martin and Taylor Warranty Service

My shop is both an Authorized Martin Warranty Repair Center and a Gold Level Taylor Guitar Repair Center. For warranty service on your guitar, you must be the original owner and it must be registered with the factory. Please make sure it's registered before you book an appointment for service.  

For Martin, go to https://www.martinguitar.com/ or call Martin Customer Service at 888-433-9177. 

For Taylor, go to https://www.taylorguitars.com or call Taylor Customer Service at 800-943-6782.

UPGRADE your Taylor with the new ES2 Expression System

This upgrade includes the installation of the completely new ES2 Expression system, as well as a neck reset, and a new saddle! The Taylor Expression System® 2 (ES2) is a  revolutionary pickup design that delivers the latest in Taylor’s ongoing  innovation in acoustic guitar amplification.  To reiterate what a good deal this is, the price includes a new pickup and preamp, a new power supply (either 9  volt or AA, depending on the existing power supply in your guitar), a new saddle, and resetting of your neck to the factory spec.

Things I don't do

Guitar refinishing
Mandolin or banjo work
Dulcimer or violin work
Bungee jumping


Details, details.



These are basic repair costs. Actual prices often vary depending on a number of factors that I will make you aware of at the time of repair.



6-string acoustic, many electrics $95.

electrics w/neck pocket truss rod $115

double-locking (Floyd Rose) $125.

12-string acoustic and electric $125.




Martin dovetail $600.

Martin bolt-on $400.

Taylor post-2001 $120.00

Taylor pre-2001 $400.

Collings $400.



standard refret $380.

stainless refret, electric $480.

stainless refret, acoustic $505.

partial refrets by quote.

compression refret (older Martins) $550.

fret level, recrown & polish $85-145




Billed at $96/hr. I'm very efficient and work by the minute to a bench timer.  You are billed only for the time I spend on your guitar, not coffee breaks or UPS deliveries!


How much will it cost?

Refer to the Services listed. I won't know the full picture until I've had a chance to evaluate your guitar on my bench.

How long will it take to repair my guitar?

It  depends on the job as well as the workload of the shop but I can work around your schedule in many cases. Bear in mind, I don't rush any repair, as that only takes longer!

Do I have to leave my guitar, or can I drop it off when you have an opening?

I need you to leave your guitar. I work on a tight schedule based on my booking calendar.

Do you have loaner guitars?

I WISH I had a guitar collection that big, but then I'd have no room for anything else!


Text is best! 919-210-2410

101-D, Woodwinds Industrial Ct, Cary, NC 27511, USA

(919) 210-2410


(919) 210-2410

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